Modernize Data Platforms for data analysis and business intelligence in a public or private cloud and extract new and actionable insights.

Cloud native data and analytics enable new capabilities, increase scale, and improve performance, in a cost-effective manner. Kryptos helps build Enterprise Data-warehouses, Data Lakes, and analytical platforms using cloud native data and analytical services offered by Azure, AWS, and GCP

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Azure Data Analytics

Build advanced cloud-based analytical solutions at enterprise scale with Azure analytics and data governance services. Meet your business intelligence, data warehouse, advanced analytics, data governance and machine learning objectives with a combination of services that offer unmatched price performance and security.

Our Services Include:

  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Databricks/Data Lake Store
  • Azure Machine Learning

Analytics on AWS

AWS provides the broadest selection of analytics services that fit all your data analytics needs and enables organizations of all sizes and industries to reinvent their business with data. From data movement, data storage, data lakes, big data analytics, and machine learning (ML) to anything in between, AWS offers purpose-built services that provide the best price performance, scalability, and lowest cost.

Our Services Include:

  • AWS Lake Formation
  • Amazon SageMaker
Azure Analytics Services

Google Cloud Smart Analytics

Organizations choose Google Cloud to build their data cloud for its ability to fuel data-driven transformation like no other solution on the market today. Google’s Fully managed unified data analytics platform empowers everyone to get business insights while eliminating constraints of scale, performance, and cost. Use real-time insights and data apps to drive business decisions and innovation.

Our Services Include:

  • BigQuery, BigQuery ML, BigQuery BI Engine, BigQuery Omni
  • Dataflow, Dataflow SQL
  • Dataprep
  • Dataproc
  • Stream Analytics

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