Incident Response & Intelligence services: Proactively manage and respond to threats

Organizations need to be constantly vigilant against security breaches and having a robust incident response plan in place is vital. A proactive approach that strategizes before, during and after a potential breach enables your organization to make the most informed decisions to defend it. Kryptos is your digital twin to diagnose threats and ensure safety

Your Trusted Incident Response Partner for Proactive Threat Hunting, Continuous Monitoring & Extreme Investigation of Threats

Threat Intelligence

A cyber threat intelligence system uses machine learning to automate data collection and processing, and integrate with your existing support and administrative applications.

Threat intelligence is often broken down into three subcategories:

  • Strategic – Broader trends typically meant for executive leadership and non-technical audience
  • Tactical – Outlines of the tactics, techniques, and procedures of threat actors for a more hands-on and technical audience
  • Operational – Technical details about specific attacks and campaigns

Kryptos Threat intelligence is actionable the reports are timely, provides context, and is able to be understood by the people in charge of making decisions, and also provides the team to be more tactical so they perform the necessary actions and follow relevant procedures to prevent the next attack.

Threat Intelligence Services

Threat Intelligence Lifecycle

The threat intelligence is an end product of a six-part cycle of data collection, processing, and analysis.

  • Planning and Direction
  • Raw Data Collection
  • Threat/Incident Data Processing
  • Threat/Incident Data Analysis
  • Intelligence Distribution
  • Feedback and Improvement

In this cycle new queries and gaps in knowledge are identified while assimilating data and developing intelligence, which subsequently leads to new requirements collection, making the whole process an iterative intelligence program, and becomes refined each time a cycle is processed.

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