Enterprise Security Solutions

Integrating Enterprise IT Security into your Business

Kryptos’ Enterprise Security services helps organizations assess risk and proactively address all facets of their IT security environment, from threat intelligence to compliance to continuous security improvements. Kryptos leverages tried-tested-proven methodologies, intelligent automation systems and processes, and world class Security Operations Centre, and offers uniquely tailored security solutions for your operational and business requirements.

Cloud Native Security

Kryptos helps modernize organizations approach to security with expert deployment and management of the right security technologies for your public or hybrid cloud environments. Whether it’s for a new deployment or a migration from an existing vendor, we can design and build your cloud native security practice and ensure your cloud network architecture and policies support business requirements, microservices and DevOps practices.

Cloud Native Security
Cyber Security - Kryptos

Cyber Security

Kryptos assesses, reduces, and manages your Cyber security risk. Kryptos has the required expertise (resources, frameworks. technologies, processes, and practices) to defend networks, servers, computers, mobile devices, and data from cyber-attacks, security breaches or damage.

Incident Response and Intelligence

Kryptos integrates security threat intelligence, incident response and remediation providing a comprehensive view and minimizes revenue or effort loss from a security incident. Our cyber threat intelligence system uses machine learning to automate data collection and processing and integrate with your existing support and administrative applications.

Incident Response & Intelligence - Kryptos
managed Security - Kryptos

Managed Security

Kryptos has a world class Security Operations Facility and required people, processes and tools/systems to help organizations with the simplest to the most complex, monitoring and managing security incidents, 24×7 – 365 days.

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