Infrastructure Managed Services

Cloud Transformation for improved speed and agility of your IT & business operations

In addition to addressing high data growth rates and ever-changing business models, it’s also imperative for organizations to create a persona-centric user experience to stay aligned with digital-savvy customers. This hyper-personalized experience can be delivered by transforming IT infrastructure to cloud, through cloud migration and application modernization.
Though cloud provides flexible operating models, agility, high performance, faster deployments, governance, and security, complex cloud transformation projects could be difficult, time taking and expensive. Without expert guidance and competency, risks like data leakage, and data breach cannot be mitigated. Kryptos is the right service provider with extensive digital transformation experience to implement a successful and manage the cloud
strategy for your organization.

If you are just starting off on your cloud migration journey or you would like to to significantly improve the value from your cloud investments, we can help you strategize, implement and manage a futuristic and scalable digital enterprise.

Cloud Migration

Our Cloud Migration Framework encompasses cloud strategy, planning, deployment, validation and governance phases

Start Migrating your applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud with minimum disruption and best leverage your adopted cloud platform. Kryptos’ Cloud Migration Practice delivers a key solution to address the challenges by moving the workloads to cloud without any hindrance to your business.

Cloud Migration Framework - Kryptos
Cloud Management - Kryptos

Cloud Management

Managed Cloud services for your IT infrastructures enhanced resilience, agility and Uninterrupted Continuity

Kryptos, an end-to-end managed service provider with certified experts, processes and applications assumes total ownership of your cloud investment. Our services ensure agility, high availability, security regulatory compliance, zero disruption and uninterrupted business continuity of your IT eco-system on Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure or GCP.

Cloud Native Engineering

Transform your cloud initiatives with Krypto’s cloud engineering capabilities that enhances user experiences

Our technical experts, consulting and advisory services, legacy to modern application migration methods, optimization and security services combined with industry best tools and solutions, will accelerate and provide a seamless journey to your cloud-native approach.

Cloud Native Engineering - Kryptos
Cloud Data And Analytics - Kryptos

Cloud Data & Analytics

Modernize data platforms and acquire actionable insights

Kryptos provides the widest selection of cloud analytics services that fit all your data analytics needs and enables organizations to reinvent business with data insights. From building data warehouses, data movement, data storage, data lakes, big data analytics, and machine learning (ML), Kryptos offers purpose-built services using cloud native data and analytical services offered by AWS, Azure and GCP.

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