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So you can focus on your customer growth

operational IT
Operational & Transformational

Our expertise covers you for your daily operational IT needs and when you require project based transformation support.

Value Services
Value for Money

Remain competitive in your markets with our value added services and only using us when you want to.

24hour services
Round the Clock

We are there when you need us the most through our flexible support offers that gaurentee peace of  mind.

whitelabelled services

We can act as your extension through our whitelabelled services that builds on your customers trust with you.

Are you prepared to make the best use of your cloud technology investments?
Kryptos offers you the vital support you will need on your cloud journey.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Services

Take your or your customer solutions to the cloud with professional planning implementation and support. With support for all cloud technologies, never leave deals behind.

Cloud Management Services

Cloud Management Services

Manage your cloud assets like you would your physical assets. Optimize cloud consumption to minimize your cloud spend. Provision your solutions to your customers and let us manage their cloud.

Cloud Support Services

Cloud Support Services

Get much needed support while on any cloud beyond infrastructure support. Ensure your deployed solutions are supported when it is needed the most. Our support packages ensure maximum utilization.

Monitor, Manage, Optimise and Secure your end to end IT infrastructure.

Remote Infrastructure Management Services from Kryptos

Kryptos can take care of the management of day-to-day administration, support and management of your IT server, freeing up your internal resource. We can remotely manage account administration on your behalf, creating, modifying or deleting accounts and group memberships.

Kryptos offers under this service management, our industry-leading experts become your DBA team and assume complete responsibility for the functionality, security, performance, availability and improvement of your database environment.

We can also look after your network and its components, ensuring they are administrated, supported and expertly managed, without you having to provide any resource for the task. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that your network is being professionally maintained at all times.

Protect your critical business information with our firewall management. You can trust us to manage your firewall, keeping your IT environment free of viruses, malware and other threats. We provide the latest up-to-date to your system.

Keep your business data safe and secure with our remotely administrated server data storage and backup service. Our approach ensures that in the event of a failure or loss of data, the platform can be restored easily and in the shortest possible time.

Technology moves fast and to ensure your IT system’s peak performance, it is crucial your applications are maintained to recommended standards. Kryptos can provide application management, including patch management and deployment of applications to supported versions of operating systems.

Email has transformed the way we do business. So it’s essential your email infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently. We provide centralised support and management of your server email applications, to ensure you stay connected to your clients, colleagues and suppliers.

Be reassured that your backups are happening regularly and perform DR trials to ensure your data is available without disruptions to your core business. Kryptos offer you services that will monitor the states of your back ups and take the necessary actions to recover when required.

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