The Client is a technology-based company on cloud-enabled business solutions and services. They strive to provide their clients the flexibility to deliver smart, and scalable IT services to businesses at any location within the speculated timeframe. Their innovative solutions and services are delivered by first-class strategic partners, OEMs, Cloud Service Providers, and global leaders. The Cloud Services IT consultants in the organization are highly skilled cloud solution experts, who are committed to providing an in-depth assessment of IT architecture and identifying new cutting-edge cloud-enabled solutions that can be customized to meet their client’s business goals.


The Customer needed to migrate from on-premises server management to Office 365-based technologies and establish a resilient infrastructure involving Microsoft Office 365 at the primary site domain. The customer required a company that could provide a collaborative business eco-system, harness the abundance of cloud technology, and reengineers their corporate exchange tools. They also require the flexibility to keep pace with their rapidly changing enterprise and to futurize and migrate from unstructured exchange services to hybrid cloud services. This should comply with the corporate policies while performing modernization.


As a global leader in Information management and Migration, the Kryptos team quickly understood the customer’s challenges.


The customer operates several branches currently and incurred multiple challenges in maintaining, supporting, and protecting its core platform, existing applications as well as mail infrastructure. The customer has been transitioning from an on-premises centralized IT infrastructure to a cloud-inclusive one that incorporates cloud-based personal productivity workloads, applications, and hybrid scenarios. With a rapidly growing business ecosystem, the customer needed to partner with a substantial knowledge service provider in cloud migration techniques, security, backup, and disaster recovery.


Kryptos promptly started by analyzing the business needs through a fit-gap analysis. The results were shared with the customer and other stakeholders. Based on the analysis, more than 300 on-site users have migrated to Office 365 using Kryptos’ mail migration technique. Since it was a Hybrid Migration, we had to install Azure AD Connect to Sync the Users to the O365 portal. Kryptos also enabled tailored security and management features from Windows 10 combined with additional features such as Enterprise Mobility and Security.


Primary Site – Integrated Office 365 Business Premium edition and Migrated 300+ users from on-premises to mail cloud with an overall data size of 5 TB.

Enabled full spectrum of Microsoft 365 Enterprise security features for identity and access management, threat protection, information protection, and security management.

Enforces customers’ data security policies with Microsoft 365 Enterprise information protection


Hybrid Identity verification and Duplication management – While Kryptos installed Azure AD connect to Sync the Users to the O365 portal, the customer had already created similar accounts in O365 and assigned licenses which created duplicate accounts. In order to fix the duplicate account issues, we had to delete every created account and update their UPN to match the accounts created in the O365 portal and resync the account. For some users, additional mailboxes were also created so we had to perform a hard match by updating their GUID values.

O365 Server availability and Azure Blob usage – The customer’s mail server was down during the final stages of migration, so we manually imported 90 users’ mailboxes from their backup. Using Barracuda Archiver, we exported the emails to a local server, post which we uploaded the file to Azure blob storage and then imported the emails back to the user’s mailbox.


Simplified administration – Microsoft 365 apps for the Enterprise infrastructure deploys and automatically install updates for the Microsoft Office suite productivity software.

Lower cost – Cloud services shift expenses from upfront hardware and software costs to economical pay-per-use operating fees, with no long-term commitments.

Higher scalability & availability – Windows 10 Enterprise infrastructure deploys and automatically installs updates for all devices running on their primary PC and with their native device operating system.

Advanced security – Identity in the cloud solution leverages their on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) forest and includes federated authentication with their existing trusted, third-party identity providers.

Improved business agility – Cloud-based solutions open doors to faster innovation, improved staff and partner access, and quicker time-to-market, often provisioned in minutes versus weeks for on-premises solutions.

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