Established in 1958, the Customer is an authorized distributor of high-end automotive in Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates. The customer’s global expertise, understanding of local markets, and regional insights enable them to deliver integrated, innovative, and better service & solutions to all customers in the UAE.


To ease the accessibility for end-users operating from different places, the Customer resorted to implementing a Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with the secured connectivity set up on the Azure Cloud environment. With many years of technical expertise in Cloud Management, Kryptos performed a thorough analysis of the business requirement. The challenge here was the scope of landscape with 440+ instances spanning multiple Windows and Linux platforms across different locations.


Kryptos thoroughly assessed the environment and planned the phase of implementation sequentially accounting for the dependencies. The team initiated the migration of about 440+ server workloads including all the client applications into the Azure platform.


The solution provided by Kryptos benefited the customer by reducing the need for server and network infrastructure at local offices and cutting the resources required to replicate massive data. Replication here refers to sharing and synchronizing data across multiple offices and job sites. Post Azure implementation, with “real-time file locking”, an engineer in one location, can work on the same drawing as another engineer in another location without overwriting each other’s changes.
Kryptos also implemented FSLogix, a set of solutions that enhance, enable, and simplify non-persistent Windows computing environments, across all Azure VDI machines.


– Windows VDI Implementation with Azure Active Directory Domain Services of 440+ pooled PaaS instances
– Configuration of file storage on Windows VDI
– FSLogix installation, configuration, and validation


 Resource minimization & Capacity Planning
 Significant Cost reduction
 Sharing and Synchronizing – Replication
 Gain access anywhere, anytime
 Secured set-up
 Effective management of application & data


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