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The customer is a Real Estate Investment and Management Corporation, founded in the year 1988. The oldest company of the group was founded in the year 1966, so, many partner companies in the group are the leading industry players and have gone past their 25th anniversary 


The customer wanted Kryptos to perform a detailed assessment of their on-premises environment and provide an estimate on their existing cloud platform. Kryptos Cloud migration team was hired to validate the possibilities for migrating on-premises infrastructure including apps, resources, etc. to Cloud. Also, the Kryptos team will be assessing the existing on-premise infrastructure and assisting the client in providing Cloud compatibility consulting with Cloud assessment report for Azure, AWS, and GCP cloud platforms. With a rapidly growing business ecosystem, the customer wants to partner with a cloud managed services provider with substantial knowledge in cloud migration techniques, security, backup, and disaster recovery


The customer operates through multiple branches and was facing challenges in maintaining, supporting, and protecting their existing Cloud platform and application infrastructure. In the process of transition from on-premise infrastructure to the Cloud that incorporates cloud-based personal productivity workloads, applications, and hybrid scenarios, the customer is looking for a certified Microsoft partner


As a global leader in information management and migration, the Kryptos team quickly understood the customer’s challenges. The Kryptos Cloud Assessment strategy will have the following phases. our cloud migration strategy includes the following phases – 

  • Discover and start the assessment
  • Study the Risk and Gaps (Applications and DB)
  • Map to the CLOUD services (AWS, Azure, and Google)
  • Cost Analysis with the findings
  • Design and Solution Recommendation
  • Finalize and Submit the Assessment Report

The assessment results were shared with the customer and other stakeholders. Based on the analysis, more than 20 virtual servers’ on-site users have been migrated to Cloud using Kryptos’ proprietary migration technique

The project solution involved multiple phases:
1. Identifying the existing client environment, applications running on the on-premises infrastructure, and its dependencies with performance profile.
2. Collecting the configurations and usage of data from servers, storage, and networking components. Subsequently, developing a list of applications, determining how these apps perform and addressing if any sort of application interdependency exists.
3. Deliverables from the assessment include Application Discovery Dependency Mapping, Auto Grouping the applications based on business needs.
4. Providing clear inter and intra dependencies with Cloud readiness, and suitability details.
5. Collecting data from an existing environment by installing the Agent on the hypervisor host machine or agentless.


Faster Adoption

Cloudamize enables the customer to fetch in-depth, data-driven insights into the client’s infrastructure. Proper training and other helpful material to successfully utilize Cloud resources are provided by the Kryptos team. It helped accelerate cloud adoption and the migration process.


Krypto provided an accurate calculation over the infrastructure costs, application interaction technique, Cloud/ application performance, and migration duration which resulted in saving time and resources. Besides, business growth and improved client relationships are additional perks.

Cost Saving
The client can cut down the CAPEX (capital expenditure) and OPEX (operational expense) costs which proved to be a vital benefit of moving to the Cloud. It helped the client to reduce the overall spending on hardware, software, support, and enterprise licensing/ renewal fees.

Improved Business Agility
Cloud-based solutions opened opportunities for faster innovation, improved stakeholder access, and improved time-to-market. Ease of update and faster testing of applications by the Cloud managed services provider made the business even more agile.

Definitive Roadmap
Krypto’s team helped the client to build a definitive Cloud migration roadmap that supports the client’s key business objectives.

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