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field for more than two decades.


The business now operates with fewer physical and virtual servers. They looked at viable options but rejected the off-site disaster recovery through SAN replication possibility, as it was too expensive to spend on hardware and software that would only be used in the event of failure.

“Kryptos team worked along with the client’s team to analyze the possibilities for off-site disaster recovery. The detailed discussion with the IT Manager and Finance Director helped to gain deep understanding of the impact of IT outage and their business needs”


After spending time with the client’s team and analyzing their requirement, Kryptos recommended Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, a cloud-based disaster recovery solution. Microsoft Azure solution provides enormous advantages in terms of cost-benefit ratio and it alleviates the challenge of recovering individual or entire servers to an off-site location without any hindrance. Also, 

• It orchestrates and automates replication and failover to either Azure in the cloud or a secondary site. 

• Monitors the state of protected instances continuously and remotely from Azure. 

• Encrypts all the communication with Azure even the data-at-rest. 

• Significant resource savings with higher performance and reliability


Azure DR solution automates the orderly recovery of services to occur within minutes of a site outage at the primary data center. Virtual machines could be brought up to help restore services quickly, even for complex multi-tier workloads operating the customer-facing systems. 

The Azure management portal made the Recovery plan creation easy, where they are stored. Software-defined networking was a key part of the solution, as the existing network had been mapped to the recovery site in Azure, allowing for automatic recovery. These recovery plans can now be tested on a regular basis, without disrupting the key services being used every day.


“Quality Service, Reduced cost, On-time support” 

By adopting the Microsoft Azure backup and recovery solutions, business has been able to deliver better protection for their critical business applications, reduce disaster recovery times and save on data protection costs. By automating data protection with Microsoft Azure Backup and Recovery solutions, the business is no longer involved in the old tape rotation management nightmare. The result has increased the safety of the customer’s core business and reduced significant overhead costs


Kryptos identified and met the specific objectives that were needed for the project to be successful, these include:

– Ability to recover the entire environment to and from Azure Site Recovery.

– Protect a mixture of environments involving both physical and virtual machines. 

– Businesses with on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based systems can use Azure recovery services in the Microsoft Cloud and configure the disaster recovery plan to work with a backup site or data center.

Configurations examples include: 

– Replicate on-premises VMware virtual servers to Azure or a backup site. 

– Replicate Hyper-V machines in virtual machine manager clouds to Azure or a backup site. 

– Replicate Hyper-V VMs (not managed by VMM) through Azure Recovery Services.

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