The customer is a healthcare client and is on the frontline of providing actionable Comprehensive Determinants of Health (CDoH) insights for healthcare payers, providers, health IT companies, and consulting firms.

Industry: Healthcare


The customer operates from several locations and has many challenges in maintaining, supporting, and protecting their existing legacy reports. Being in the healthcare business, the owners wanted to create a PaaS Infrastructure solution that involved Azure and Power BI-based reporting. They had maintained every minute detail of all the data related to the incidents that happened, but all are in multiple formats & they do not have any pointers on where to start the analysis from.

Kryptos offers Azure PaaS services in providing cloud solutions to clients of varied industries.


Kryptos Azure development team delivered a cloud-based solution to re-engineer the client’s legacy product suite for around 300+ users to perform the custom calculation of points, serialization of sales and partner details, maintain persistence, and handle interactive events, create a new SQL database with imported database settings from on-premises. We used Power BI connectivity and embedded subscription in the solution to produce detailed reports which can be sent to each of the partners.


 Maintain Data integrity, embed calculation logic, and report data/visuals
 Manage Single user to upload the input files from Sales
 Single partner dashboard launches with around 5 major tenants
 Multiple report creation – each partner gets a report that shows only their data (Compliance)
 Single report for all partners – partners seeing only their data
 UI Authentication from AAD – Each Partner
 Upselling product in Dashboard for each partner with Mark-up

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