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CIO Review Companies of the Year 2016 Kryptos

CIO Review’s ‘Companies of the Year 2016’

Kryptos Technologies has made it on CIOReview’s ‘Companies of the Year 2016’ list for best in IT Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS). CIOReview in conversation with Prasanna Ram, Founder and Chairman of Kryptos Group of Companies finds out the market trends, how organisations can get the best out of a RIMS practice and how to go about choosing the right RIMS Partner. KRYPTOS: GETTING THE MOST OUT OF REMOTE INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT. CR: How was Kryptos Incepted and how did it…

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Infrastructure monitoring how IT impacts your IT environment

Majority of us are unawareas to what our major contributors are to home utility consumption costs. Like many, if you ask me today what my tariffs and my consumption rates are for my utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water etc.)I wouldn’t be able to give you an intelligent answer. I feel the burn when I have to pay these bills and that’s when I get interested in finding out more about what I am paying for. Is it that my appliances are…

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cloud expertise kryptos

Cloud expertise not everyone s cup of tea

Cloud. The magic word for the last couple of years. It has built, shaped, & transformed companies. But, at the same time it has damaged the firms that just didn’t respond fast enough. While small & mid-size enterprises cope with the changes, master the technologies, & also begin consultation on the best practises; the larger enterprises focus on having the first-mover advantage. They are enabling businesses who are embracing new advancements. There is a plethora of opportunities in the cloud…

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Hybrid Cloud Services Kryptos

Hybrid Cloud Future of IT

Hybrid Cloud – future of IT? Organizations are changing their way of doing business and the market dynamics demands the support system to accustom to its new business models and for its rapid growth. It is when the organizations started giving importance to their IT infrastructure to support their business goals. When traditional IT infrastructure gave way to cloud people captured the advantages of moving to cloud to enhance, to scale up their business and to achieve their goals faster.…

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data security services kryptos

The world held at ransom are you safe

This past Friday we witnessed a coordinated global cyber attack known as WannaCry. It is one of the biggest cyber attacks that we have ever seen impacting over 150 countries and infecting more than 250,000 machines. WannaCry is a type of malicious software (malware) classified as ransomware. It encrypts essential files on your Windows device and requires that you pay a ransom to unlock those files. Our prompt team of experts at Kryptostech were quick to the task. Our domain expertise in cloud…

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Kryptos Microsoft Azure Deployment Architecture

Replicate vmware virtual machines to azure

when deciding to Migrate workloads from on-premise VMware platform to Azure. NB : This post also includes the possible actions (when applicable) to make in order to migrate the workloads to the Azure Resource Manager stack (IaaS V2) 1- What are the migration paths There are many migration paths which can be used, but each one have it’s own advantages and disadvantages. The following table shows the different paths that will be discussed in this article: Extend the application roles to Azure Manual…

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Do you wish to migrate simple

O365 E-mail migration needs to be approached with accuracy and diligence, failing which can lead to a Pandora’s box of mailbox issues. Organisations try to perform migration services in-house, increasing workload for its valuable people resources who should be delivering on their core competencies. And this results in poor productivity & resource management. Organisations that value their core competencies and pursue them diligently never give their time away trying to manage what can be outsourced, E-mail migration services for example.…

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Here is the step by step guide on how to configure Email Encryption using O365. The content of this article was performed in a test environment and tested to be working as expected. Why Email Encryption? In the Digital era, Emails have become most sophisticated means of communication. Given the current technology, the traditional email system is less secure and it becomes easy to access/read what is being sent by others since most of the email communication happens as clear…

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Will you recover from the lack of a recovery site.

You have a flourishing business that is growing exponentially. Your technical team is prompt, aware & enterprising. And then, *god forbid* your datacentre gets affected. It could be an interruption due to a backup failure, a hardware failure or worse a natural disaster. And your operation comes to a standstill. What do you do? If the first thing to have crossed your mind is the Recovery Site, then, you’re right on track. Recovery Site acts like a secondary data centre…