Enhance your IT infrastructure



Infra Care

Dynamic business environments today mandate constant innovation, enhanced customer satisfaction and flexibility, and reduced costs. The adoption of a robust cloud architecture enables an enterprise to effectively achieve these objectives.

At Kryptos, we design and deliver personalized engagement models that enhance performance, lower operating costs, and assist strategic IT decision-making based on our client’s specific business objectives. By functioning as your single point of contact, we eliminate the need for you to deal with multiple service providers for all your IT needs. Our robust and business ready IT solutions leave you free to concentrate on strategy and innovation, and enhancing customer delight.

Our Complete Services

Managed Services

Our managed services framework covers the entire spectrum of your IT operation that optimizes your infrastructure to align with your business needs and help to scale up your operation without any hindrance.

Backup & DR Services

Our data storage solutions and backup solution helps to address the data loss challenges faced by enterprises and optimize the existing infrastructure resulting in the easy reuse of data.

Infra Care Services

Our IT Infrastructure service monitors your IT performance, be it in any kind of space and provide necessary support to build a reliable infrastructure to support your business operation.

Key Differentiator

  • Flexible to scale services to suit business dynamics
  • Service level agreement (SLA) based service delivery
  • Creation and governance of IT policies and regulations
  • IT compliance and management
  • IT asset-performance trends
  • IT audit and asset management
  • Patching / Updates / Upgrades with minimal disruptions
  • Lifecycle management of technology

Our Offerings

Server Management

Kryptos Server Management services allow you to track every resource on your complete IT infrastructure, be it on premise or cloud. This will allow you to adopt the latest hyper-visor, cloud platforms, and united technologies without losing management visibility. With our deep visibility into server infrastructure hardware, hypervisors, operating systems, services, will give an complete picture of how your assets are performing. Our specialised team running round the clock keeps a close watch of your infrastructure finding and fixing issues while you focus on customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Trouble Shooting & Maintenance

    Proactive 24/7/365 monitoring by our support team detects the error in prior and ensure immediate action.

  • Analyzing & Optimizing

    Regular examination of your server strength and analyzing the server performance for optimizing the system for maximum performance.

  • Update & security management

    Enhancing the sever security from any threats by proper updates, installation and patch management

Network Management

Effective network is the backbone of all IT. Staying connected across geographies, devices, platforms is very crucial. Our Network Management services focus on making networks secure and available, and ensure that all services function as desired. We have profound expertise in handling different network devises such as CISCO. Juniper, Avaya, Fortinet, Sonicwall, Netgear, D-Link, Juniper.

Our network service includes

  • Network Configuration
  • Port configuration
  • Security configuration
  • Creating and accessing user profiles
  • Performance management
  • Bandwidth utilisation and performance
  • Routing protocol
  • IP v4 and v6 management

Firewall Management

Firewall management plays a critical role in protecting the networks from threats and vulnerability. Improper configuration may lead to system breach. Our team of experts perform continuous monitoring and configure your device to eliminate most threats very quickly and improve the performance of your security services.

Our network service includes

  • Firewall configuration
  • Device performance
  • Security configurations
  • Patch updates
  • User access
  • Log monitoring

Storage Management

While storing your ever-increasing data is a huge task, retrieving it is an even bigger challenge. In our storage service portfolio, we manage platforms every day to ensure data is stored and retried whenever demanded.

Our network service includes

  • Our network service includes
  • Partitioning and configuration
  • Establishing quality of service
  • Backup & Restoration
  • RAID creation & Management
  • Performance & Availability
  • Capacity Planning
  • Lifecycle Management

Application Management

Managing applications can be challenging in complex and dynamic environments. Application management is the process of managing the operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrading of an application throughout its lifecycle. We offer service delivery with the technology capability to manage and maintain.

Our network service includes

  • Capacity-analysis and planning documentation
  • IT asset-performance trends
  • IT audit and assets management
  • Patching/Updates/Upgrades with minimal disruptions
  • Lifecycle management of technology

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our backup and disaster recovery service is designed to help the organization to have their data available at anytime, anywhere without losing business-critical information and system.We provide comprehensive remote storage management and managed backup services, ensuring an enterprise business run efficiently.We implement data storage solutions and backup services that replicate your data storage infrastructure by aligning capacities and performance demands with important business continuity parameters. We ensure faster recovery with very little downtime.

Our Deliverables

  • Configuring backup tools
  • Defining policies and timelines
  • Defining policies and timelines
  • Storage of data
  • Patch management for tools
  • Dry-run of disaster recovery(DR) environment