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Hybrid Cloud Future of IT

Hybrid Cloud – future of IT?

Organizations are changing their way of doing business and the market dynamics demands the support system to accustom to its new business models and for its rapid growth. It is when the organizations started giving importance to their IT infrastructure to support their business goals. When traditional IT infrastructure gave way to cloud people captured the advantages of moving to cloud to enhance, to scale up their business and to achieve their goals faster.

Cloud migration era

There is an increasing acceptance and migration to cloud based IT infrastructure by small, medium and larger enterprises because it helps companies to unburden the physical back end architecture and maintenance issues as it will be managed effectively by experts in cloud services. That said, for all its benefits, there is still reluctance prevailing in moving to the cloud due to several reasons like cost control, flexibility, data security etc.

Cloud centric to Hybrid

Organizations who are in the middle way of on premise to cloud migration are looking for new solutions to meet their changing IT needs. The optimal solution would be Hybrid cloud: a combination of public, private and on-premise It infrastructure. Even enterprises are ready to adopt multi clouds option having a hybrid IT system as one of them because it will combine the benefits and help to deliver better outcomes.

“As per Gartner prediction 50 percent of enterprises will have Hybrid clouds by 2017.

The survey by RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud report also backs the former statement by revealing that the percentage of enterprises that have a strategy to use multiple clouds grew to 85 percent with 58 percent planning on the Hybrid “

This proves the acknowledgement of enterprise search for Hybrid cloud adoption to utilize the advantages of both the public & private cloud IT base.

Yes, its true enterprises prefer hybrid infrastructure management,but, why?

There could be many reasons, for each level of enterprises from small to large for seeking cloud migration services, like zero investment in data centres, no maintenance cost, easy to deploy, time factor and more importantly businesses can concentrate on their core and align their IT with their business needs.

Owing to the combination of public, private & on-premise, hybrid ecosystem provides enterprises more control of their data, reduced IT cost, versatility and user friendliness and striking a perfect balance between the cloud and on-premise datacentres thereby increasing the business efficiency.

The changing business needs accelerate the innovation in IT infrastructure. Without doubt Hybrid cloud is one going to be the changing face of the Cloud computing.Top of Form

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