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database services



DB Care

Our Efficient Approach

As many business applications have been seeing a growth of data, it has become imperative to manage the said databases effectively to ensure optimal performance, consistency, easy accessibility of data, and business continuity. Today, enterprises face mounting challenges in managing their increasingly scaling and complex data portfolios.

How Kryptos can help!

Our comprehensive DB Management services cover the entire spectrum of design, build, operate, and help architect complex infrastructure solutions for databases across different technologies. We leverage on proven methodologies and standardized assets to deploy modular and customizable delivery processes aligned with your specific business requirements.

Build & Design Operations

  • Optimal Build Services
  • HA Enabled with disaster recovery configuration
  • Data backup and Recovery
  • Capacity Planning

Monitoring, Management and Migration

  • Round the Clock Performance Monitoring
  • Complete Administration
  • Tuning and Optimization
  • Upgrades & Migration

Documentation and Report

  • Performance & Capacity Reports
  • Enterprise report from a variety of relational & multi-dimensional data sources
  • Dashboard Reports

You can Reckon!

Kryptos has a wealth of
expertise in database
technologies in a wide
range of infrastructure

Our DB service enable you to

  • Enhance Agility

    To Improve Responsivenes
    and Disaster Preparedness.
  • Robust Data Architecture

    Multi-Tenant construction
  • Comprehensive support

    Service Support in technologies
    including SQL, Oracle, MySQL,
    HANA etc.
  • Service Availability

    Efficient Performance manage-
    ment to improve uptime
  • Streamlined Management

    Simplify Administration for
    better efficiency