It’s no secret the business computing services
sector is undergoing tremendous change.



Azure Cloud Services

For decades, the status quo has been on-premises installations of business hardware and software, along with an IT staff to manage it. Even at companies large enough to afford dedicated IT staff, the local expertise runs only so deep. When complex problems arise, it’s not unusual for in-house departments to rely on outside (translation: expensive) consulting services.

There is a profitable opportunity with Azure but it's hard to get started.

As Azure usage grows, all service providers must find ways to differentiate themselves and most obvious opportunity is with a Managed Services practice.

Going to market with Azure requires a serious amount of preparation. Building your own MSP practice involves building a portfolio, writing service descriptions, developing pricing, setting up the infrastructure, and training their teams.

Once this herald is complete and you enter the market, customers still need to be educated on the value of an Azure solution.

As a result, not every partner has been able to take advantage of Microsoft Incentives around Azure or build recurring revenue around the cloud.

Our Azure Services Includes

Advisory & Assessment Services

Our advisory service helps organization to build a robust cloud strategy. Our engagement determines which workloads are ready to move to Cloud, and in what fashion (lift-n-shift, re-platform, or replacement with a new deployment model). Customers require a partner who can provide the proper roadmap and guidance tooptimizing their workloads on a chosen cloud platform.

Our process starts with
  • · Assessing your existing environment
  • · Planning a migration roadmap
  • · Preparing a sample migratione
  • · Budget/ROI calculation

Architect and Validate

We a deep understanding of the cloud solution we architect you cloud solution to leverage the power of cloud resources to solve business problems. Cloud architecture is combination of components, database, networks and the relationship between them. We design and validate the solution according to business needs.

  • · Secure, scalable & reliable infrastructure
  • · Configuration management
  • · Validating existing performance
  • · Implement infrastructure best practices.


We start with basic migration plan If you have already been through the process of proof of concept. If you haven’t performed a proof of concept, then Cloud Migration process takes you through the entire stages of migration.Our extensive pre-migration checkshelp in smooth transition and we continue to support your decision to migrate by offering post migration.

Migration Types

Cloud to Cloud
  • · Cloud to Cloud
  • · Compute Migration
  • · Repointing Cache
  • · On-Premise transfer
  • · All New Deployment
On-Premise to Cloud
  • · Live Migration
  • · Host Cloning
  • · Data Migration
  • · App Containerization
  • · VM Conversion

Implement and Deploy

To extend your connectivity on to cloud securely Be it a Point-to-Site connection to securely allow individual computers to connect or multiple sites via Site-to-Site Connectivity or setting up a dedicated direct route from your datacentre or site location to the Cloud, implementation is the key and best option. Kryptos can also help monitor and manage your connectivity to ensure you are kept informed in order to make the best decision.

We can assess, configure, deploy and support a solution tailored to your environment, be it

  • · Determining the migration strategy
  • · Making recommendations on application architecture and design changes
  • · Creating a standardized, repeatable process for redeploying the software
  • · Implementing and testing the changes


Organization will reap the complete benefit of cloud adoption only when it is optimized to ensure maximum productivity. It is no longer sufficient to simple deploy and monitor your cloud, we need to tune your cloud to make complete use of it. A better optimized cloud will result in better productivity, security and compliance.

  • · Application deployment and scaling
  • · Application lifecycle management
  • · Managed virtualization
  • · Management of Microsoft apps: SharePoint, Exchange email, Lync, etc.

Monitoring and Management

Our monitoring & management service not only raise the alerts, but also start workingto remediate problems. We perform Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of the problem to prevent it from reoccurring. In addition to monitoring, alert management and SOP remediation, resolution of problems or issues are performed remotely. All incoming alerts and log files are reviewed to quickly identify an issue, maintain communication with the customer on the progress, and remediate the problem. If the problem is not resolved and would require external help, we immediately escalate to the appropriate Cloud Vendor Support for further troubleshooting and resolution.

Monitoring Service
  • · Any connected device Monitoring
  • · Online Ticketing System
  • · Dashboards and Reports
  • · Alert Notifications
  • · Technical Account Manager
Management and Resolution
  • · Technology Support
  • · Technology Advisory
  • · Ticket Remediation
  • · Access to Technology Specialist
  • · SLA Based Service Delivery

Backup and Recovery

Our backup and recovery service help enterprises from losing their valuable data due to some uncertain situation by replicating their data and system. Our speedy and timely service help to run the business without any hindrance and without losing valuable data. Our expertise and tools back up any data anywhere and recover to any platform.

  • · Automated data recovery
  • · Monitoring and reporting daily backup
  • · Regular healthcheck-up of the backup system

With Kryptos’ Azure Cloud Services, our partners can go-to-market from
Day 1 as a fully equipped Cloud MSP.