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Kryptos achieved AWS Advanced Technology Partner status.

Most organizations sign up to AWS just to follow the crowd,
since everyone is doing it. That’s just the easy part. When it
comes to customer activation, migration, operational
management and optimization, that’s where most of the
challenges are.

Ask yourself

How many deals will you have to leave on the table before you realise that you need to have an efficient practice now and not one year down the track ?

Do we have the capability to build new expertise on a platform without sacrificing focus to your existing business?

Kryptos follows AWS best practice when it comes to migration with actionable, error-free, and detailed analysis of the current environment in preparation for the next phase. Our aim is to de-risk and reduce your cost on customer migrations.

Our Migration Approach


Let Kryptos Manage Your AWS Cloud

How we support in your cloud journey ?

  • Technical Lead :

    A technical point of contact who works closely with your team, ensures all the necessary expertise for all your service needs are delivered, and provides answers to all your queries.
  • 24*7*365 Support :

    100% Certified AWS Engineers who work with your team round-the-clock, to deliver best in class support.
  • Service Transition Manager :

    An expert who works closely with your team and support team in getting any new application/service transitioned to Kryptos Support Model ensures a smooth transition as per standards and guidelines defined by AWS.
  • Service and Architecture Best Practices :

    Get best of the technical and process expertise as per AWS best practices and industry standards.
  • Services Standards :

    A defined comprehensive service catalogue for any Managed Cloud Environment, both on AWS and supported technology stack.
  • Proactive Monitoring, leveraging ITSM platform

    Proactive man + machine monitoring on all the event and incidents on any Managed Cloud Platform.
  • Monthly Governance Reviews

    Get technical and governance review for all our Managed Cloud environment in regards to security, cost, and technology.
  • Response Time :

    Obtain standard SLA for different category of events based on different class of environment.