Agility, not cost, will be the primary
reason that many organizations
adopt cloud computing.



Cloud Care

High data growth rates and changing business models made enterprises to put their focus on IT Infrastructure. The fundamental change that evolved in the IT infrastructure by moving the data centres from on-premise to cloud made a huge impact on the way businesses are running and it provides the competitive edge in terms of agility, lower cost and better resource utilization. However, moving your application and data to cloud needs proper cloud migration strategy and expertise guidance.

Kryptos’ Cloud Migration Factory delivers a key solution to address the challenges by moving the workloads to cloud without any hindrance to your business.

Be it any cloud

Our strategy encompasses a complete
migration process from planning to deployment
be it in Private, Public or Hybrid.

Our Cloud Care professional support services are available
to support any kind of migration projects

  • • Physical to Virtual Migration
  • • Server, Application, Back-up, Virtual Machine
  • • Tenant-to-Tenant Migration
  • • Mailbox to Office 365

Benefits of moving to cloud

  • Reduce operational cost
  • Scale up business growth
  • Data security & Disaster recovery
  • Improved collaboration & mobility
Application Migration

Kryptos Cloud Services help many businesses simplify their cloud journey by replacing outdated applications and setting agile environments.

Here’s why you need to speak to Kryptos.

  • We have expertise and partnerships with two of the leading Cloud Services Providers - Microsoft and Amazon.
  • We also have expertise in other Cloud Services and we help migrate and operate on them.
  • With certified staff available 24x7, 365 days you will always be supported by the best.
  • Our cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) enable us to deliver customizable and reliable services to our customers.
  • And we do not compete with your business; we compliment it with our expertise. Your Cloud journey with us