Infrastructure monitoring how IT impacts your IT environment

Majority of us are unawareas to what our major contributors are to home
utility consumption costs. Like many, if you ask me today what my tariffs and my consumption rates are for my utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water etc.)I wouldn’t be able to give you an intelligent answer. I feel the burn when I have to pay these bills and that’s when I get interested in finding out more about what I am paying for. Is it that my appliances are drawing more than they should, are they healthy, do I need to service them, are my kids using more than they should, and are my provider’s charges higher and many more questions that remained unanswered. This is mostly because they are simply too hard to monitor, document and analyse for me to make an informed decision. It’s easier to just to impose a curfew for the family on their usage without understanding the actual problem itself, leading to a lower quality of life.

When you think about it from an organisations perspective within the context of IT Infrastructure, you’ll find similar pattern where most organisations are unaware how their infrastructure is performing, what are the common points of failure, reasons for those failures, etc. Add Cloud or a Hybrid strategy to the mix and your problems are just multiplied. Even those who boast as being born in the Cloud aren’t exempt from bad decision making, because they don’t have a clue on how they are utilizing their cloud infrastructure and what’s causing their costs to spiral-up. Like any other utility company your cloud providers don’t offer you much assistance in that situation as their revenue most times depends on your ignorance. As cloud providers (both public and private) become more aggressive with their targets on recruiting your organisation into their fraternity, how can you still remain in control of the entire situation to deliver that promise of excellent quality of service to your customers?

The answer is running a proactive monitoring service or working with someone who can monitor your infrastructure to foresee issues to be able to provide a consistent and efficient service to your customers. Having a monitoring service to make an informed decision can have a great impact on the future of your IT environment.

What can be monitoring practice or a service do to help?

  1. Provide an understanding and help with decisions when data is made available on the infrastructures performance.
  2. With prevention of disasters through early detection and preventative planning measures.
  3. With information to fine tune the infrastructure to improve performance with productivity.
  4. Inventory your technology assets (hardware and software) for planning and budgeting for upgrades.
  5. Prevent or reduce losses from unscheduled downtimes that can have a business impact.
CIO Review Companies of the Year 2016 Kryptos

CIO Review’s ‘Companies of the Year 2016’

Kryptos Technologies has made it on CIOReview’s ‘Companies of the Year 2016’ list for best in IT Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS).
CIOReview in conversation with Prasanna Ram, Founder and Chairman of Kryptos Group of Companies finds out the market trends, how organisations can get the best out of a RIMS practice and how to go about choosing the right RIMS Partner.


CR: How was Kryptos Incepted and how did it make it to where it is today?

Prasanna: Kryptos Networks is the first distributor in India to launch the software subscription business for services providers and since have been the market leader with 90 percent market share with large OEMs like Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, Veeam etc. on their subscription software business from 2006. The company was eventually acquired Crayon Software from Norway. Till date Crayon with the acquisition of Kryptos networks continue to retain the lead on the subscription software distribution business in India. Our learnings from dealing with Service providers on subscription business led to Kryptos Technologies where we extend full remote IT Infrastructure and Cloud support to our Partners and their customers through a white labeled, 24/7, 365 days highly available model on use & pay model

CR: How do you think the Indian market has accepted Remote Infrastructure Management?

Prasanna: Infrastructure management and monitoring services IS the optimal choice when you need find out how your assets are performing to make informed decisions while optimizing your IT environment. Most Business decision makers have now started to realize that their strategic decisions and directions must be based on factual data, rather than just sticking a wet figure up in the wind. Technology has always continued to evolve, but the wiser organizations in India and overseas have started to take more control of their IT’s future which begins with their infrastructure management.

CR: Why is Remote IMS so crucial in India?

Prasanna: Cost reduction — Savings emanated out of RIMS can be in the range Of 40 to 60 percent allowing organizations to focus on their core business and meeting their customer requirements.

Lack of appropriate IT talent in-house — Fitting right talent into every trending new technology is challenging. An outsourced partner can make an entire team available in various technologies at a similar price point of a single person.

Apart from these major factors, we can also consider the growing size of companies and decreasing IT budget is going to be the major driver RIMS. Current IMS spend is expected to be around 12 percent to 20 percent of the total IT budget of the companies.

CR: What according to you are some of the major expectations set by enterprise clients and how do you meet and exceed these demands?

Prasanna: ‘Always-On-Always-available’ having 24/7, 365 days’ availability, is the topmost priority when it comes to running an IMS solution for enterprises. Besides high availability, signs of a professional IMS practice arc their high degree of predictability to proactively eliminate various IT infrastructure operational challenges. IMS Automation is still evolving and it already has become the need of the hour to help enterprises with reactive incidents. The demand from enterprise is proactive intelligence on their mission critical IT investments.

Kryptos adopts a proactive strategy for its clients to always remain ahead of the curve with the right amount of automation and qualified IT lean). Besides managing, we also support our clients design, build and run their IT infrastructure services in an agile manner that allows for better integration with the existing processes and operations. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) consist of many qualified talents run in diligent shifts to cover 24/7 availability.

CR: How do you ensure high profitability, client attachments and better service levels the RIMS solutions?

Prasanna: RIMS from Kryptos is known in the Industry circles for the following reasons,

Optimizes IT operational costs.
Derisk business by proactively being prepared for IT Infrastructure challenges 24/7, days.
One Slop shop for services ranging from Cloud managed services to Help Desk support.

CR: What are the major differentiating factors that set Kryptos apart with other players in this segment?

Prasanna: We always compete with ourselves to strive to achieve the best and continue to evolve. Most players in the market focusing on management and monitoring in silo tasks, while Kryptos orchestrates all services harmoniously. What sets us apart from others is that we are completely technology agnostic and we look at problems holistically and consider all possible dependencies while resolving issues. We also realize that our is our greatest asset and through them we thrive on making IT simple. Our business model of working with services providers and not competing with them puts us in a favorable position over the others competitors.

Learning from working with service providers, post- acquisition of Kryptos networks in 2014 the team at Kryptos launched Kryptos Technologies with the view to offer Infrastructure management to support service providers globally on their journey

“Kryptos adopts a proactive strategy for its clients to always remain ahead of the curve with the right amount of automation and qualified IT team”.

CR team: How do you anticipate the remote infrastructure management industry to progress in the future?

How has Kryptos braced themselves for this change?Prasanna: Kryptos vision for the future is to support its clients build and manage their IT infrastructure both on premise and in the cloud. The shift from on-premises to cloud is revolutionary and already in motion. In few years a majority of services will be delivered from some Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud. Our part will be to implement, manage and monitor all models and all levels including the crucial security part is humongous. We are geared up as a team to meet all those demands globally.

With more and more enterprise clients are moving to various cloud models, outsourcing support and monitoring services demand are rising year after year. We will be positioning ourselves as preferred technology partner supporting clients to be more productive, by letting them take care of their core business while we manage their IT infrastructure and implementations.