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Partner with us

Partner with Us

Kryptos partnership model is backed by experience gained from years of working with partners in India and overseas markets. We developed a value sharing partner-engagement model; this has received wide acclaim and revolves around a complementary services-led engagement. To cater to the requirements of our partners around the globe, we offer bespoke partnership programs, customized specifically to meet your go-to-market priorities and future goals.

Trends and Challenges

Kryptos understands that every challenge faced by a MSP, is the same level of dilemma and challenge Kryptos face’s internally. Over a period of time, we managed to decode such demands, which in turn gives us the confidence to support our partners with working strategies.

We had been closing monitoring on the trends and challenges faced by MSP’s worldwide. What are the trends followed by outsourcing companies today? What are the challenges they face? Information technology is, by its very nature, dynamic; trends are ever changing and outsourcing companies face several disruptive challenges such as


Advanced technologies come with a cost, and optimizing on-going operations is possible only by steadily managing IT infrastructure.

Cloud Technology

By possess knowledge and the complexities involved doing so are crucial both from the perspective of service providers as well as consumers of the technology.


Technology obsolescence is inevitable in a sphere as dynamic as IT, where rapid changes makes it difficult for partners and end customers to cope with managing and monitoring it robustly.

Engineering Talent

Sourcing talented engineers is always a challenge and lack of capability will directly impact business operations.


Shifts and changes in technologies are accepted continuously, but adapting to a new atmosphere is demanding.

IT security

Technology security is, by default, complex; concepts like Cloud, BYOD, heterogeneous IT, multiple IT elements interacting, requires uninterrupted IT management abound.

Partner Program Benefits


  • Private / White labeled
  • Pay as you go model
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Resources
  • Joint Marketing
  • Advisory Services

Advantages Over Partnering

Private/white labeled partnership model – an ongoing revenue model

  • Low investment in starting IMS as a new business service
  • Joint marketing campaigns
  • Co-operated funds
  • Pre-sales resources
  • Technical support
  • Access to our partner programs
  • Launch new services
  • Tell a compelling story
  • Advise and plan
  • Transform
  • Sell

Referral partnership model – on sales commission basis

  • Project-based support
  • Acquire new clients with our support
  • Due appreciation and rewards

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