Is IT Services wrecked due to Technology Change?

Analytics directed by Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Automation as become a dominant in the momentous time of technology advancement.

The managed service industry is becoming critical and organizations look to invest for value that would provide a better business swiftness, security and scalability. customers have embraced Cloud Services or hyper-converged solutions of Virtualization. They do not want to be tied with any lock-in but invest with defined SLA and services.

Cloud services - IT Services

Each Service Provider is recreating value by interconnecting various sensors, providing better analytics and automation to facilitate a better user experience. The public clouds does provide a faster momentum towards adoption and had reality application accessible for greater access of data and application. Cloud is now become an operational necessity to spurt functioning on diversified platforms and accessed with discrete devices.

Technology progression shall be continuous and our IT competent individuals shall redefine their skills. Modernization with value shall comprehend the managed service exceptional.

Written by Gokul

“Gokul, Chief Information Officer of Kryptos Technologies, possesses a sound IT knowledge with a global mindset & strong quantitative and conceptual abilities with a successful 20 + year track record. He plays a critical role in the growth of Kryptos and focuses on business solutions, infrastructure design and provision of multi-disciplinary services to customers. A person with varied personal interests, he enjoys traveling, reading and an avid lover of food. He connects with various people and undertake social causes. Noble in thinking and focused to act on it.”