Complete and reliable support
for all your cloud needs



Cloud Support Service

Our Cloud professional experts bring their expertise and experience to your table to handle every aspect of support services under cloud to meet your unique business goals. Our flexible support services align your business needs and growth.

    What we offer

  • Administration Professional Service
  • 24*7 Break Fix Support
  • White labelled professional service

    Value Proposition

  • Accelerate your time-to-market
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Grow Market Share

How we support in your cloud journey ?

  • Implementation

    Whether it is defining what to implement on Cloud or following a predefined roadmap, our support services will assist you with implementing a Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud strategy. We offer technical assistance before, during and after Cloudand Cloud implementation areperformed, irrespectiveof the cloud type.
  • Migration

    Be it Physical to Virtual Migration, Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations, any form of Server, Application, Back-up, Virtual Machine, Mailbox to Office 365 migration, we support your projects throughout the process with trained and highly available experienced team.
  • Solution Design

    Not sure how your solutions will perform on the Cloud, having trouble choosing the right cloud for the business or just need help with the design. Use Cloud Care services to gain support for your solutions.
  • Vendor Escalation

    Escalation of queries related to Vendor’s infrastructure and services will be done by our team so you do not have to worry about navigating complex support agreements. We escalate on behalf of you.
  • Administrative Support

    Administrative support is a level up from the basic break fix support. It is primarily to support qualified IT Staff at the Service provider end or the end customer end. This support service helps with cloud configuration and reconfiguration to suit the changing needs.
  • Technical Support

    These services assist partners and end customer to overcome their day-to-day technical challenges relating to their solutions on cloud to avoid any extended downtime of services if not caused by OEM infrastructure. An L3 engineer quickly assesses the problem to recommend corrections and alternatives.
  • Break-Fix 24/7

    These are technical incidents that may occur due to non-optimized cloud solution, settings issue, problems due to an update etc. which can be resolved fairly easily once the situation has been assessed. If the issue is caused by the OEM, then we will handle such conversations with the vendor directly.
  • On boarding & Activation

    This support service offers help and guidance to partners during the initial phase of customer and partners into any cloud program.
  • White Labelled Services

    Our Services are completely White Labelled back to your customers, where they only see responses from your company domains. You will be required to provide us with an email alias. The web ticket logging service will also be branded with your company details to ensure your organizations branding is carried throughout.