Cloud Care

Ask yourself,

Are you agile enough to cater to customer demand
in terms of the various Cloud Platforms and their

Are you aligning your business goals with
preferred cloud platforms and missing other

That’s why you need your very own trusted “Cloud Services
Enablement Provider” that compliments your business and not
competes with you.

Here’s Kryptos Technologies and its Cloud managed service provider practice, Cloud Care, which allows a system integrator, service providers, datacentres, hosting providers, ISVs, CSPs and many more to seamlessly transition from problem-solver business model to full-fledged managed services provider (MSP).

Application Migration

Grow your Business

Reduce Risk


Increase Service

Expand Globally

Become Agile

Kryptos Cloud Services help many businesses simplify their cloud journey by replacing outdated applications and setting agile environments.

Here’s why you need to speak to Kryptos.

  • We have expertise and partnerships with two of the leading Cloud Services Providers - Microsoft and Amazon.
  • We also have expertise in other Cloud Services and we help migrate and operate on them.
  • With certified staff available 24x7, 365 days you will always be supported by the best.
  • Our cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) enable us to deliver customizable and reliable services to our customers.
  • And we do not compete with your business; we compliment it with our expertise. Your Cloud journey with us